Big changes coming up – The future of TAWAST

The times have been difficult on many small businesses, like my own, and unfortunately my fabric suppliers have gone out of business. That means sadly I won’t be able to make the styles currently on the web shop anymore, once my own small fabric stock runs out.

With so many difficulties, I’ve been contemplating a lot about the future of TAWAST. That’s the reason the social media accounts were silent for many months. But I’ve decided that I’m not ready to give up on my ’baby’ just yet!

So, there will be big changes coming up this year, and I’m starting to finally get excited about it, looking at the positive side of things. It’s going to be a fresh start. 

I’ve been designing a whole new collection and quite possibly found my new fabrics, which will be beautiful GOTS certified 100% organic linen.

As for the pieces on the web shop now, they will only be available as long as my small fabric stock lasts.

If you’ve been thinking of getting a piece, now is the time! The Black organic cotton has already ran out, and I will keep updating the website and putting styles out of stock as they go.


Thank you for all your support. 🤍